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GEMS Founded in 2010, Products focus on barcode solutions and Retail POS system, offering barcode scanner,barcode printer,thermal printer,mobile printer ,software solution. Our teams offer more than 10 years experience in the AIDC(Auto Identification and Data Collection) and Retail solution. We understand that every customer has unique requirements; we specialize in understanding your specific requirements and providing you with a solution to meet those requirements. 

Helping you improve your company's performance is our only goal.We deliver real business results through a people-centered approach to technology and providing the right expertise and productes according to your needs

Our products are distinctive because of their better cost-effective and high customer satisfaction.We provide more than 100 partners around the world.The ability to access many business solutions under one roof. Our customers don’t have to do the legwork of calling many different companies only to get the runaround. They only have to call us to get important business questions answered and issues addressed. Our high-quality, state-of-the-art products and services come together seamlessly to effectively grow your sales, save your money, and minimize your risks.  

GEMS understands the competitiveness in doing business under today's economic pressures. By offering our partners the better cost-effective  possible, to guarantee our partners an edge in business for projects or benefits from the best cost spending for implementing their own performance .

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